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Anthem – The Review (2019)

I’ve been cheering for Anthem for 3 years. I wanted Bioware to succeed here. The end result, though, is a product that repeats every single mistake made by every looter shooter to date, without any of the Bioware magic that might have redeemed the experience.

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So I Tried Playing Anthem in 2022… Is It Worth It?

So I played Anthem for the first time in 2022. Is the game worth it? Let’s dig in.



0:00 Introduction
1:05 Gameplay
2:12 Combat
4:22 Exploration
5:35 Technical Problems
7:37 Is Anthem Bad?

Anthem released in 2019 and it’s Bioware’s worst reviewed game, both critically and by the fans. The studio dropped plans for it’s big 2.0 relaunch in 2021 and stopped updating the game entirely. But you can still play Anthem in 2022, so is it worth it? I never played the game before so I decided to dive in. Is Anthem really that bad? Let’s find out together.




Anthem Review

Anthem reviewed on PC by James Duggan. Also available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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I Tried Anthem Again…


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