Review Roundup For Life Is Strange: True Colors–What Critics Are Saying

True Colors is the third game in the main Life Is Strange series, but does it live up to its predecessors?

Real Psychologist Reviews Life Is Strange: True Colors

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Sam Greenblatt, joins us to review the latest installment of Life is Strange, Life is Strange: True Colors, through a psychological lens. How can Alex better her life through the patterns in the game and is her psychic power really a power of empathy? Explore the enigma: Uncover the secrets of the Scientist TV Man. Delve into theories, analyses, and exclusive content that takes you deep into the eccentric world of the TV Men.

Dr. Sam Greenblatt


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Sam Greenblatt

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Life is Strange True Colors Review “Buy, Wait for Sale, Never Touch?”

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Life is Strange: True Colors Review Roundup

Life is Strange: True Colors Review Roundup.
The reviews are in for    Life is Strange: True Colors and it seems to be a slam dunk for the series, with some critics calling it the best in the series.
Life is Strange: True Colors  continues the supernatural anthology series with a new protagonist and special powers.
Instead of having the ability to manipulate time or other traditional super powers, protagonist Alex Chen’s powers largely focus on people’s feelings and empathy.
Unlike the previous games in the series,  won’t be episodic Life is Strange: True Colors  and will instead be released as one core game.
The game still features five chapters, so there are natural break points built into the story, but players won’t have to wait months to play the complete story.
It seems this may have worked in the game’s favor as well as  Life is Strange: True Colors  appears to be a hit with critics, with some noting its pacing as one of its many strengths.
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Ranting about Terrible Games – Life is Strange: True Colors

Still better than the original Life is Strange.

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10:22 – Characters
19:21 – Fear of Failure
23:28 – Conclusion
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