Spider-Man PS4 Teaser Reveals Black Cat In First DLC

Felicia’s in town and she’s up to no good again in Marvel’s Spider-Man for PS4.

Spider-Man PS4 – Spiderman Tells MJ He Dated Black Cat & They May Have Baby (The Heist DLC) PS4 Pro

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Mary Jane freaks out and becomes jealous when Spidey tells her he may be the father of Black cat’s son
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Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Heist DLC Black Cat Reveal Trailer – E3 2018 – PS4

Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Heist DLC Black Cat Reveal Trailer – E3 2018 – PS4

Black Cat is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man in the first DLC pack, arriving this October.

Platforms:- PS4
Release Date:- September 7, 2018

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Hey guys recently we just got a trailer that revealed what black cat looks like and shows a action scene between them hopefully you guys enjoy my reaction / breakdown of the video and I hope you guys have a good day and enjoy the video.

Marvel’s Spiderman – The Heist is set to release October 23 , 2018 #SpidermanPS4 #BeGreater #Spiderman

Marvels Spider-Man PS4 DLC Black Cat Villain The Heist Teaser Out Now

#SpiderManPS4 #SpiderManGame #SpiderManDLC

Marvel’s Spider-Man on Playstation 4 has revealed it’s first DLC teaser trailer of The City that Never Sleeps with Felicia Hardy’s Black Cat!

Will fans like the new version of Black Cat or hate her cleavage free look? What will the Spider Man Ps4 reviews say about the game? Are sony confident the game will score 10/10 that they are fine with releasing DLC trailers before the game is even out!?

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