Bungie "Had To Fail Many Times" With Destiny 2’s Storytelling To Succeed In The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen sets a high-water mark for story campaigns in Destiny 2, but it took developer Bungie hitting some story missteps to find the right way to tell it.

Destiny 2: A Critique of Year 2 / 5

Year 5 of Destiny would decide whether the franchise would live or die. It had a herculean task ahead of it. Destiny stands. But this is still Destiny. There’s no such thing as perfect. Time to find out why. Oh and thanks to Bungie for coming in clutch with that shadowkeep delay. And thanks to my mic for making the audio a disastrous nightmare.

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Destiny’s “Rough” Development Journey To Leave Halo Behind

The original Destiny released in 2014, with Destiny 2 releasing in 2017. But development on Destiny started all the way back in 2008 when Bungie was working on Halo 3 ODST and Halo Reach. This is the story about how Bungie left Halo and went on to make Destiny their own big franchise.

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Introduction 0:00 – 0:44
Leaving Halo behind 0:45 – 12:51
A whole new Universe 12:52 – 21:41
Crisis mode 21:42 – 34:44
Destiny’s comeback 34:45 – 39:06
A sequel on it’s way 39:07 – 46:05
Setting up the Future of Destiny 46:06 – 1:00:17

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Destiny 2 – Forsaken SAVED Destiny 2 From Failure

Destiny 2 Forsaken was a turning point for the Destiny Franchise. Forsaken SAVED this game from itself. Year 1 of Destiny 2 was awful and the community didn’t think the game could be saved. Forsaken proved us wrong and would become one of the best expansions in Destiny history. Forsaken had a great Raid, Great Story, Great Destinations, 9 Supers and so much more. Forsaken brought more content to Destiny 2 than any other expansion we’ve received. Bungie brought their best here! 4 Years later we look back!


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